Conflict Resolution

Busting the "Water Wars" Myth

Oregon State University’s Aaron Wolf, in his studies of conflict and cooperation around international waterways, has found something both counter-intuitive and remarkable. Despite myths of “water wars,” cooperation is far more common than conflict when neighbors share a river and an aquifer, according to Wolf, author of the new Island Press book The Spirit of Dialogue.

Election 2016: If Island Press Authors Advised the President

In honor of the first presidential debate tonight beteween Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we asked Island Press authors: "If you were advisor to the president, what would your top priority be and why?" Check out their answers, in their own words, below. 

They're at it again

So, the Bundys are at it again. Two years ago Cliven Bundy and his gang took up arms against the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada claiming the feds had no right to charge a private citizen grazing fees on public lands. “Public” apparently means “help yourself” in their dictionary. I don’t know if Cliven considers that stand-off a success, but he got a ton of publicity, and my understanding is that his cattle are still grazing – or trespassing, depending on your point of view – on federal land. The conflict lives on in court, where it has been for a couple of decades.
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Relaxation and the Mediator

This is a rare moment of relaxation for an environmental mediator. Several years ago I was plunged into the war over aircraft noise at Grand Canyon. For decades environmentalists and recreation interests had been pushing Congress and the courts for some regulations on the air tours over the Canyon. They yearned for quiet in which to enjoy and contemplate the wonders of this world-famous site. Certain favorite trails were directly under the flight pattern of the helicopters and fixed wing planes that offered tourists a spectacular experience, viewing the Canyon from the air.