Webinar: Valuing Nature

The world is facing unprecedented challenges in the face of climate change and biodiversity loss. The price tag for taking on these issues exceeds the current and combined capital resources of governments and nonprofits, but there is still hope. Increased private capital, led by impact investors, offers an opportunity to better-leverage public and philanthropic resources and tackle our conservation challenges. 

Investors Need to Know About Climate Risks

The Securities and Exchange Commission is charged with making sure that investors have the information they need to understand the climate-related risks associated with their investments. What’s lacking is the will to enforce those regulations.

Corrupt and Ineffective Development Investment

After some seven decades of mixed results in development assistance, there is a growing consensus that the greatest challenge is governance—in both the recipient and the donor countries.

Wealthy Investors vs. the Land, Livelihoods, and Locals

Whenever we hear about stories like these, stories of such immense exploitation and predation, there is a tendency to think: How can this happen? How can obscenely rich investors run roughshod over the land, livelihoods, and rights of impoverished local communities, and with utterly no consequences?