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On Interning at Island Press: It Takes a Team

Once upon a time, I was sure that I wanted to be an editor. I always liked reading and polishing people’s stories. It felt right to shape up someone's work, to see its beginning and see it transform into a finished product. But, as any recent English grad out there can attest, landing an editorial anything is difficult. So I joined Island Press in the spring as a social media and web intern, and it was not at all what I expected.

June 2018 Sector Speaker Series with CalGreen

Heather Boyer, Vice-President and Executive Editor of Island Press, discusses nonprofit publishing, major Island Press prints and future works, as well as, how Island Press has remained a sustainability leader for 34 years. Ms. Boyer is introduced by Jen Hawse, Partnerships Manager for Island Press.
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A look back at the March for Science

On April 22, scientists, science lovers, and others united in marches around the world in the name of science. The largest of the over 600 marches occurred in Washington, DC. This demonstration was particularly important given a political climate which glorifies "alternative facts," and which many fear will lead to scientific data being censored, dismissed, or even destroyed for contradicting political or business interests. To show our support for truth, a few Island Press (IP) staff members and authors made their way to D.C.

On Interning For Island Press: The Publicity Perspective

Ever since I was little, reading has been the only hobby that’s stuck around. I tried soccer, art, piano, and even basketball, but ended up eventually quitting all of those. Books have been one of the only constants in my life, which is why I always thought I wanted to go into publishing. It’s hard enough to tell people you want to go into an industry that everybody seems to think is going to disappear, but actually entering the industry itself? That’s even harder.

On Interning For Island Press: An Enriching Experience

After graduating college with a BA in Communications I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with myself. Having no luck with finding immediate employment I decided to try out some internships to pick up some experience and references. That was when I came across Island Press. I began my internship at Island Press having never worked in publishing before and having no idea what to expect. For the weeks leading up the internship I simply told people I would be doing social media for the company. This turned out to be a tiny fraction of the work that I performed for Island Press.

Island Press Interns: Where are They Now?

Island Press has had many interns over the years. After reading this interview with former editorial intern Joelle Herr, we wanted to know: what else have our interns been up to since their time at Island Press? We reached out to them and asked them to reflect on their time at Island Press and tell us a little about what they're doing now. From careers in publishing, to advertising, to cheesemaking, to full-time gigs at Island Press, check out what they had to say below: 

On Interning at Island Press: Vigor to Fight

The last time I went home to coastal South Carolina was different. I looked at the expansive salt marshes and brackish rivers I knew so well with a different mindset. It’s hardly the first time I’ve thought about climate change when thinking about home, but usually my mind tends toward a timid terror. The impending doom of the low-lying land I love so much has seemed like an inevitability for so long. This semester as the publicity intern changed that view.

On Interning at Island Press: I Can't Wait to Return

I am a junior at Georgetown University interested in pursuing a career in publishing. I major in English because I believe in the power of the written word. As Development Intern, I have learned that it’s not only the words written in books that affect concrete change.