lyme disease

#ForewordFriday: Ticks, Rising

As ticks move into new areas and enjoy longer seasons, they are changing millions of lives, driving up healthcare costs, and infusing a simple walk in the woods or picnic in a city park with fear. Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change is a disquieting look at how Lyme disease has proliferated in a warming world.

Whatever Happened To That Lyme Vaccine?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been wondering why the Vet can vaccinate our dog for Lyme*, but the best our doctor can offer is a dose of doxycyline, ex post facto. Why is it, despite the spraying and tucking and checking out the nooks and crannies post-walk, a simple stroll on a glorious summer day is more of a health risk for humans than for their best friend? (And here in Western MA, it’s a big risk.) Why isn’t there a human Lyme vaccine? In part, there isn’t a human vaccine thanks to the anti-vax movement.