Better Buses, Better Cities

Often dismissed by the general public, the humble bus is the underdog workhorse of public transit. Here in the U.S., buses have long been an afterthought in budgeting and planning, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Across the world, buses serve as the foundation of fast, reliable and inclusive transportation networks.

Webinar: Advocating For and Creating Effective Public Transit

Having greater access to transit is vital for the functioning of safe, equitable, and environmentally friendly cities. But what makes for effective transit? How do you advocate for it? And how can cities utilize buses to create fast, frequent and reliable service?

Webinar: Saving Our Suburbs Part 3

The formula that drove suburban growth for 60 years has run out of gas. Now what? Our expert panel discusses “future-proofing” to help suburbs surf the wave of new tech, not drown in it.

#ForewordFriday: The Heart of the City

Why are some downtowns in trouble while others are thriving? And what does it take to ensure a healthy future for the heart of America’s cities?

Webinar: Unlocking Multimodality in N America

In recent years, some urban planners have begun to explore ways to unlock Dutch-style multimodality, hoping to utilize the bicycle as a tool to increase public-transit ridership and decrease car dependency. In fact, the case could be made that—with the right conditions—bikes are better placed to deal with the lower population densities and longer distances traveled in North America.

Webinar: Three Revolutions

There are Three Revolutions that can transform the passanger transit sector: autonomus cars, electric vehicles, and the sharing economy. The benefits to society of the three revolutions will be massive: trillions of dollars in cost savings globally, sharply reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more mobility for everyone, including thoes who are disadvantaged. But, can we get there? In this 90-minute webinar, panelists Robin Chase, Co-founder of Zipcar, and Dr.