urban resilience project

Webinar: An Introduction to the Urban Resilience Project for Planet Forward

This webinar is an introduction to The Urban Resilience Project (URP), a grant funded program of Island Press, is committed to storytelling in the era of climate change. URP's goal is to bring together a diverse group of writers to generate and cross-pollinate ideas that inspire the sustainable, equitable, and resilient cities of the future. The production and publication of original short-form writing (articles, op-eds, blog posts, etc). is the primary way the project shares it's ideas.

Capitol Hill Briefing: A Q&A with Brian Richter

As the leading environmental publisher, Island Press is committed to spreading ideas that inspire change. Sometimes, that means taking those ideas straight to lawmakers. On February 8, Island Press partnered with Congressman Jared Huffman's office to co-sponsor a briefing on Capitol Hill on water scarcity and sustainable infrastructure.

Parks for (All) the People

A new advocacy campaign aims to ensure that every American can live within a 10-minute walk of a high-quality park or green space

Can Urban Gardening Make Us Whole?

An in-depth look at how urban gardening is hoping to heal divisions that have plagued Milwaukee—and our nation as a whole