Replenish: Supporting the Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity

Humans have long disrupted the natural water cycle. Yet we continue to suffer from droughts, floods and other disruptions despite building dams and levees and completing other feats of engineering. What if, instead of further disrupting the water cycle, we sought to repair and replenish it?

Trump's not-so-secret war on state environmental protection

Trump’s EPA seeks to limit state’s authority on climate action. If this effort succeeds, our towns and cities will face dirtier air, hotter summers and more extreme weather — and there will be less we can do about it. 

#ForewordFriday: Great Lakes Water Wars

This edition of The Great Lakes Water Wars is an engrossing, essential book for readers of the first edition and new readers alike.  

How to Feed the World

By 2050, we will have ten billion mouths to feed in a world profoundly altered by environmental change. How will we meet this challenge? In How to Feed the World, a diverse group of experts from Purdue University break down this crucial question by tackling big issues one‑by‑one. Covering population, water, land, climate change, technology, food systems, trade, food waste and loss, health, social buy‑in, communication, and equal access to food, the book reveals a complex web of challenges.

Got Water? Thank (and Save) a Forest

If you’ve got clean, abundant water, thank a forest — and do what you can to protect it. Don’t wait for the well, or the taps, to run dry.

Capitol Hill Briefing: A Q&A with Brian Richter

As the leading environmental publisher, Island Press is committed to spreading ideas that inspire change. Sometimes, that means taking those ideas straight to lawmakers. On February 8, Island Press partnered with Congressman Jared Huffman's office to co-sponsor a briefing on Capitol Hill on water scarcity and sustainable infrastructure.