Before Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced his decision to run for President, he and co-author Bracken Hendricks sought to unite our nation by rekindling a sense of common cause around America's clean energy economy. America’s energy and environmental problems will not be solved simply through a light bulb push at Wal-Mart or Live Earth concerts, it will take a dramatic and fundamental economic shift. In Apollo’s Fire, Inslee and Hendricks join their experience, expertise, and passion for a clean energy future to lay out the path to stop global warming and gain energy independence. The book includes a foreword by then-President Bill Clinton echoing the authors’ belief that such a shift offers tremendous economic growth potential for America.

Inslee and Hendricks make the point that a clean energy revolution is not simply needed to address our growing environmental problems and achieve energy independence, it aksi holds the potential to create a new era of economic expansion, good jobs, and strong communities. A clean energy transformation will yield rich rewards, but that America needs a new vision, one that is rooted in innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out the Chapter 9 “What's It Going to Take?” below, or download the PDF here