Photo Credit: SER Texas A&M Student Association - Bastrop Park Fire Restoration

On Interning at Island Press: Collaborative Decision-Making

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first stepped into the offices of Island Press to start my editorial internship, but from the start it’s been a delight. From the bright, welcoming office space to the wonderfully helpful and friendly staff, I’ve slipped right in to life at IP.

It’s been just over a month since I started my internship, and already I’ve learned a great deal about the publishing world and the incredible work of IP. Just through reviewing new proposals or eavesdropping on marketing discussions or cover design meetings, I’ve been introduced to a whole world of environmental projects from urban street design to wetlands restoration.

The Island Press team gathers for a weekly editorial meeting. Photo Credit: Katharine Sucher

My favorite part of the process is our weekly editorial meetings, where the entire office is invited to gather and discuss the current projects being considered for publishing. Every department has a chance to weigh in, ask questions, and offer their opinions on the subject matter, the cost of production, the marketing potential—every voice is encouraged. Publishing is a collaborative effort at its heart; it takes every department working collectively to make a book successful. So when Island Press decides to publish a book, they do so together, ensuring that everyone can fully support the project and its contribution to our vision as a press.

It’s really been amazing to watch these projects come together, from the initial discussions with the author to the production of the physical book and the tireless efforts of marketing to showcase the finished product. I’m genuinely excited to continue my internship with Island Press and see what new projects lay in store.