The 30 of us here at Island Press work on all stages of book publishing: from concept and manuscript development in the editorial department to outreach and promotions in the marketing and publicity department. Our program and fundraising staff develop initiatives to complement our books and authors. And the finished product can't happen without the production department designing covers and interiors, proofreading, and typesetting. All of this depends on the financial department, which tells us how much we can and can't spend. Everyone at Island Press is personally invested in our books, and we each have our favorites. Beginning with Island Press Editor Emily Davis, we'll tell you about the books that have affected us most, from changing our personal behavior to the way we see the natural world. Emily writes:
"Shi-Ling Hsu’s The Case for a Carbon Tax is one of my favorite Island Press books because it tackles a fundamental problem of environmental policy: why don’t we do what is clearly good for us? Hsu not only makes a compelling case for a carbon tax, but explores why the public has been so resistant to this common-sense policy. In chapter five, Carbon Tax Psychology, he explores the social, political, and personal reasons carbon taxes have been shunned, and how we might overcome them."
Enjoy the excerpt below!