Webinar: Is there more to food than calories, taste and nutrition?

Thursday, 9 May 2019 - 1:00pm

Two full lifetimes ago consuming more calories was always welcome, taste was secondary and having enough food defined everyday life. Nowadays, the opposite holds true: our society is awash in calories and individuals expect their food to satisfy personal tastes and lifestyle preferences. Finding ways to turn out more food created new possibilities and made living easier. Yet, while we have been busy changing food, food has been changing us in unexpected and unforeseen ways.

The modern food system relies on an illusion. It depends on endless abundance, but the planet has its limits. So too does a healthcare system that must absorb rising rates of diabetes and obesity. Shifting our mindset is essential, and It starts with remembering that what we eat affects the wider world. If each of us decides that bigger isn’t always better, we can renegotiate the grand food bargain, one individual decision at a time.

Kevin Walker, author of The Grand Food Bargain: and the Mindless Drive for More discusses his book in this webinar from Health Enhancement Research Organization 'HERO Health'.