In the latest episode in our series of Urban Resilience Project (URP) podcasts in partnership with Infinite Earth Radio, host Mike Hancox speaks with Cynthia Herrera, the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for WEACT, about her organization’...

Learn how the Island Press Urban Resilience Project is forging a greener, fairer future!

foreword Friday

“There’s definitely a health benefit to encouraging people to participate with nature, reflect in nature, and benefit from the beauty of nature."

“Transit is an incredibly local thing…If we’re not allowed to talk about it at that local level, we’re never going to make good policy."

A podcast interview with The Divided City author Alan Mallach on what America's urban transformation means for cities and the people who live in them. 

Resilience for All author Barbara Brown Wilson talks about her new book and the importance of championing an equitable community-driven design process.

Health journalist Suzanne Bohan chats with Infinite Earth Radio podcast about her new book Twenty Years of Life and how to challenge public health inequity. 

In this episode, Dan Sperling is interviewed by Jeff Wood, host of Talking Headways podcast, about his new book...

“For the first time in history, we can make a dramatic improvement in the livability and sustainability of our transportation system” 


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