In the book, Twenty Years of Life , author Suzanne Bohan explores the disturbing flip side of the “American dream”: your health is...

Philanthropic capital can be a catalyst for sustainable, resilient solutions to our complex and costly water problems.

Re-engaging nature’s ecosystem engineers

In the gloomy pall of the advancing Anthropocene, it’s nice to hear good news now and again on the environmental front. And such is the case with...

A round-table discussion on how environmental justice leaders are pushing forward in the era of Trump

foreword Friday

Resilience is often conflated with climate change adaptation and infrastructure, but this oversimplification may be limiting our ability to overcome the complex challenges facing our global community. The failure of international efforts to surmount...

A podcast interview with WE ACT For Environmental Justice co-founder Peggy Shepard on the past, present, and future of the environmental justice movement

NACTO's Corinne Kisner talks strategic green infrastructure management and her organization's new book Urban Street Stormwater Guide.

President Trump’s new executive order will roll back efforts to ensure our infrastructure and communities are resilient to flooding and climate change.

A podcast interview with nationally known environmental leader Rebecca Wodder on building community resilience at the water's edge


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