We revel in the glory of the African elephant, giant panda or Galapagos tortoise—the charismatic megafauna that gets most of attention, whether on television or at the zoo. But I think the group that deserves the award as the world’s number one animal...

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The record was broken this year for the number of pounds of rattlesnakes harvested at the annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas. I was blown away. The figure was 24,262 pounds.

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How long should a leaf live? When should blueberries ripen? What should a clever moose eat?

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So, the Bundys are at it again. Two years ago Cliven Bundy and his gang took up arms against the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada claiming the feds had no right to charge a private citizen grazing fees on public lands. “Public” apparently means “...

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They went into the muslin bags easily as we freed them one by one from under the heavy net. Some were stunned, frozen, immobile; others struggled between the strands, exploding with powerful wings when handled. I was a tag-along, a newbie, an invited...

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Marking our territory with wildlife-friendly fences. “Rants from the Hill” are Michael Branch’s monthly musings on life in the high country of western Nevada’s Great Basin...

Photo credit: Flock/bandada by Flickr.com user Rafael Edwards

Mangrove planting in Kiribati. Photo by Kennedy Warne.


Photo credit: Flock/bandada by Flickr.com user Rafael Edwards

A hoary bat, Lasiurus cinereus.


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