Interview With Kristina Marusic, Author of A New War on Cancer

Two-thirds of all cancer cases are linked to preventable environmental causes from exposure to toxics. To honor Children’s Environmental Health Day, Moms Clean Air Force sat down with Kristina Marusic, author of A New War on Cancer, to talk about cancer and environmental health. In our virtual conversation, Kristina shared stories about the remarkable doctors, scientists, and advocates who are upending our understanding of cancer and how to fight it. The war on cancer is winnable—if we revolutionize the way we fight.

La voz del Duwamish #15- Taller "Sueña, Construye, Juega" con James Rojas

Hola Comunidad, espero que todos estén teniendo un lindo comienzo de Mayo! Para este episodio, acompañenme al taller de "Sueña, Juega, Construye", un taller realizado por James Rojas donde su enfoque es conectar a la comunidad Latina. Van a poder conocer sobre quién es James Rojas, y cómo fue que este taller fue realizado. También, verán un montaje de todo lo que sucedió durante el taller y conocerán algunas historias de nuestros miembros de la comunidad latina. Espero y disfruten!

The Hero’s Journey with Latrice Tatsey + Liz Carlisle

Have you ever thought about animals as elders? What about the land as a teacher? Today’s powerful episode of “The Hero’s Journey” features author and professor Liz Carlisle and advocate Latrice Tatsey to discuss the relationship between regenerative agriculture and indigenous knowledge.

Book Trailer: A New Coast

  In A New Coast, Jeffrey Peterson draws a comprehensive picture of how storms and rising seas will change the coast. Peterson offers a clear-eyed assessment of how governments can work with the private sector and citizens to be better prepared for the coming coastal inundation.

UDC CAUSES-TV: New Top Food Cities

Take a moment and make a mental list of America’s top foodie cities in the Unites States. What cities come to mind? I am guessing, but I suspect Boise, Idaho or Sitka, Alaska are probably not on that list! Yet, they are the new face of the food movement. Healthy and sustainable fare is changing communities across this country, revitalizing towns that have been ravaged by disappearing industries and decades of inequity.

Food Town, USA: Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the cities featured in Mark Winne's Food Town, USA. During his visit, Winne met leaders who are addressing food insecurity, entrepreneurs of the thriving food scene, and innovative farmers who are transforming food production and distribution.