CFS Book Club Episode one

A Northern Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants and Pollinators

Monday, April 24, 2023 - 10:45am EDT

Every two weeks, Julia Ranney, the Center for Food Safety's Creative Communications Associate will interview authors writing about everything from microplastics to pollinators & beyond.

First up! Sheila Colla and Lorraine Johnson’s “A Northern Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants and Pollinators”. With many pollinators threatened, gardeners can make a real difference by planting native species for them. For those in the northern US, this is a go-to reference to the most beneficial plants in your area with more than 300 native plants to choose from.

In partnership with Island Press the leading not-for-profit publisher on sustainability and the environment, all the books chosen will cover the biggest challenges facing our world and tangible solutions to tackling them.