Webinar: Saving Our Suburbs Part 1

How to Create Successful Suburbs
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 12:00pm EST

The formulas that guided suburban growth for more than 60 years no longer work. How can suburbs adapt to increasingly complex social, economic, fiscal, and environmental demands? What new approaches can help them secure their futures?

In part one, of this three-part webinar series on Saving Our Suburbs (S.O.S.), panelists unpack data and share case studies that show how suburbs are preparing for—and succeeding in—a new demographic, cultural, and economic landscape. They give perspective on how public officials and community leaders can rethink their approach to development and growth in response to changing tastes and markets.

Panelists include:

Chris Leinberger, Chair and Professor, Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis George Washington University
Jason Beske, AICP, Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech College of Architecture & Urban Studies 
David Dixon, FAIA, Vice President, Stantec’s Urban Places

Moderated by Lisa Schamess, Communications Manager for the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU).

Webinar brought to you in association with Stantec, America Walks, Congress for New Urbanism, Build a Better Burb, and American Planning Association's National Capital Area Chapter.

Slides available here