Addressing the Climate Crisis with Green Housing for All

An Island Press Webinar

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 3:00pm EDT

US cities are faced with compounding climate and housing crises. How can communities meet their housing needs while mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change?

By creating green housing affordable for all, cities will contribute to the health and well-being of residents, their communities, and the planet. Considering both systemic questions and action-oriented strategies, the speakers will discuss green building processes and principles that can be incorporated into housing design, construction, rehabilitation, and operation. 

Dana Bourland, author of Gray to Green Communities: A Call to Action on the Housing and Climate Crises and Kimberly Vermeer, co-author with Walker Wells of Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing, illustrated that delivering on the human right to housing and combatting the climate crisis go hand-in-hand. Each discussed the intersection between equity, housing, and sustainability. After the authors presented their key ideas from their books, the moderator, Dawn Phillips, led a discussion between the authors and the audience.

•    Dana Bourland, Vice President for the Environment at the JPB Foundation
•    Kim Vermeer, LEED AP Homes, President of Urban Habitat Initiatives Inc.

Moderated by Dawn Phillips (He/Him) – Executive Director of Right To The City Alliance