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Holiday Recipes Gone Sustainable

Is your kitchen getting a good workout this holiday season? Do you have a favorite holiday-inspired dish? Is there a certain organic, environmentally friendly ingredient you've come to use in cooking or baking?
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Thanksgiving: Are we eating it all wrong?

This Thursday, Americans will gather around family (and football) to anoint a succulently roasted bird the grand symbol of our venerated Thanksgiving tradition. We will eat dishes in honor of that first harvest festival in 1621. Cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, pies, and, of course, honey-hued turkeys are the dishes we Americans will enjoy, as they were enjoyed by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag almost 400 years ago.
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What Has Our Attention: Island Press Editors Speak

Today is the final day of University Press week, and I've asked some of our editors to talk about the field/scholar/research avenue they currently follow. Who is their must-read or follow on social media? Heather Boyer, Executive Editor
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#ForewordFriday: Making Cities More Fruitful

Orange trees in Berkeley, California. The remarkable absence of fallen fruit proves that public produce is prized in some communities.